Quality Management

Fit Food Dietary follows strict policies and procedures to ensure that the highest quality is maintained in all aspects of services. We have systematic quality control procedures, and a separate QC department that maintains documents records of all locations.

Some of our QC procedures include:

Brand List
Waste Management
Various type of diet

Brand List

1. Wheat Flour Ashoka
2. Cooking oil Fortune
3. Besan Rajdhani/Shaktibhog
4. Maida Ashoka
5. Rice Basmati/Golden Sella
6. Pulses Handpicked Qty.
7. Spices Everest
8. Salt Tata
9. Pickle High Choose
10. Papad Lajjat/Bikanerwala/Haldiram
11. Milk Motherdairy
12. Paneer Motherdairy
13. Tea Leafs Tata
14. Coffee Nestle
15. Vegetables Fresh vegetables procured directly from wholesale mkt.
16. Water quality Litered Water
17. Bakery Items Bakery


A.Regular Checks
1. Hairs are short & trimmed
2. Nails are short, no nail polish
3. Clean apron is worn while handling food
4. No jewellery items are worn
5. Hand washing in Potassium Permanganate water
6. Staff Not suffering from any disease
7. Staff not having any unhygienic habit like picking nose, playing with hairs etc.
8. All eatables are preserved as per standard norms
9. Checks & adherence to self life of raw material
10. Floor is kept clean, free from spills and obstructions
11. All equipments are cleaned using four step cleaning method (scrub ,rinse ,sanities & dried)
12. No unauthorized person is allowed to enter in the kitchen

B. Periodical Checks
1. Crockery & Cutlery are dipped in chemical solution for 12-16 hours
2. Comprehensive cleaning of floor & Kitchen Equipments
3. Cleaning of Insectecutors
4. Medical Checkup of the staff
5. Pest Control & Fumigation 


1. All equipments are checked for loose wires etc.
2. Regular maintenance check
3. Only competent persons are allowed to carryout repairs of equipments
4. First aid box is kept in proper condition & kept at accessible location
5. Employees are trained for general fire fighting

Waste Management


1. Separate bins are used for Bio-gradable &Bio-degradable Waste
2. Bins are kept clean and covered
3. Bins are changed periodically
4. Rubbish containers are cleaned and emptied


  • Overweight
    Low Calorie diets
  • Under nutrition & Protein deficiency
    High Calorie & High Protein diet
  • Diet in diseases of esophagus, stomach & duodenum
    Bland Fiber restricted diet
  • Diet in disturbances of the small intestine & colon
    Low residue & high fiber diet
  • Diet in disturbances of the liver, gallbladder & pancreas
    High carbohydrate, Moderate fat & fat restricted diet
  • Nutrition in Surgical conditions.
    Tube feedings High Protein High fat, low carbohydrate diet
  • Diet in diabetes mellitus
    Sugar free and Low Carbohydrate diet
  • Various Metabolic Disorders
    Joint diseases Arthritis, Gout, Hyperthyroidism, Hypothyroidism etc. Purinerestricted diet. 
  •  Hyperlipidemia & Athero Sclerosis
    Fat controlled diets.
  • Dietary management of acute and chronic diseases of the heart.
    Sodium restricted diet
  • Diet In Diseases Of The Kidney
    Controlled Protein, Potassium & sodium diet, Calcium restricted diet.
  • Diet in children diseases
    High Calorie & High Iron Diet
  • Diet for cancer patients.
    High Calorie & High Iron Diet
  • Diet in pregnancy & lactation
    High Calorie & High Iron Diet
  • Diet for anemic patients
    High Calorie & High Iron Diet
  • Diet in allergic & skin disturbances
    Elimination diet

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